There is only one thing that you cannot fail to do if you are in Italy, THE APERITIF! … And Fox Italia Snacks are waiting for you right in that place and at that moment!!
Unbelieveble Italian habits...
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Italy is passion and style, heritage and diversity, innovation and creativity. But there’s so much more to it. It is about making exceptional things: curiosity and dedication, bravery and imagination, expertise and precision... It is our brand, cool and unique: Italy is simply extraordinary. Be it.
Mr. A. Pavone - Founder

Visionary and Pioneer in producing and obstinate in offering only quality snacks in the best Italian bars,Luxury Shop and Premium Supermarket . Today by FOX Nut & Snack brand is a "Concrete Ambassador of Aperitifs served with Italian style in the world". Fashion food for leisure time. Exactly what contemporary consumers want .